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Opole voivodeship, especially its capital, is a unique place as far as culture and entertainment is concerned. Many annual events are held in Opole, which are of great importance for the whole country and Europe.

National Festival of Polish Song

Annually, in June, Opole changes into huge music scene, hosting the brightest stars of the Polish music industry. The festival, surely the oldest, biggest, and the most popular stage event in Poland, both live and broadcast live, attracts huge crowds. It is the culmination of the whole artistic year, and it has promoted the greatest legends of Polish music. Traditionally, during the festival, a review of the past season is expressed (,,Superjedynki”),premiere composition presentation  (Premieres), scene débuts competition and the cabaret review (kabareton). The festival was founded in 1963 on journalists’ initiative,  Mateusz Święcicki and  Jerzy Grygolunas and the host of Opole, Karol Musioł. Since that time, it was not held only once in 1982, due to an introduction of martial law.

Opole Theatre Confrontations

Opole Theatre Confrontations is held for over thirty years. The main purpose of the festival is the presentation of the valuable spectacles of native classics, presented over the scenes during the year. This festival has a form of competition. Spectacles are judged by a jury composed of the most prominent Polish theatre critics and experts. Within the limits of Opole Theatre Confrontations, Opole theatre fans host the best drama scenes and may watch the best Polish actors and directors.

International Drums Festival

The International Drums Festival is the biggest drums event in Europe. It brings together the best artists, musicians as well as crowds of visitors from Poland and abroad. The festival consists of numerous concerts, workshops for music schools students and teachers, lectures, musical instruments exhibitions, shows and competitions, where musicians from all over the world take part. Invited artists present a vast spectrum of music styles, from rock and metal, through to jazz, and classical, ethnic and Latina music. Thanks to all of above, the festival attracts the interest of many generations and representatives from all social groups. The International Drums Festival is an annual event, held in October.

Opole Lamas Film Festival

Opole Lamas Film Festival is one of a kind celebration of cinematography in the region, the  integral part is the promotion of young  film makers. It is the meeting with authors from Poland and abroad, it is the workshops for children and teenagers, as well. The festival was created in 2002 and until now it is a cyclic event - in 2009 took place the seventh edition. It promotes cinema culture as an important part of contemporary world. The festival programme  includes Polish and foreign film projections, film shows recommended by Jerzy Stuhr, show of selected K. Zanussi’s films, and workshops on time-lapse animation for children, a number of film based discussion meetings e.g. panel discussion with guests at Opole University and outdoor shows. And integral part is the competitions: The Polish National Amateur Movie Show (prepared for and by amateur film makers) and The Polish Film Etude Competition (for film studies students and graduates).

National Puppet Theatres Festival

The National Puppet Theatres Festival has been organised since 1962 in Opole, every second year. It is the most significant artistic event in puppet theatres world in Poland.  The host of the festival is Opole A. Smolka Puppet and Actor Theatre, which is well  known for its high artistic standards, it’s appreciated at local and international festivals, and loved by its audience:  children, teenagers and adults as well. The National Puppet Theatres Festival is the presentation of not only the production of Polish theatres from the past two years, but also an occasion to present the work of students of theatre studies, and to meet the representatives of Polish and European theatres, prominent people of cultural life in Poland and the world.